What is Aluminum oxide and its application

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What is Aluminium oxide? Aluminum oxide Al2O3 is an inorganic compound. It has high hardness and a melting point at 2054 degC. The boiling point is 2980 degC. This is an ionic crystal which can be ionized at elevated temperatures. It is commonly used for the manufacturing of refractory substances.
Aluminum oxide is a solid that can hardly be dissolved in water. Although it is easily absorbed moisture, aluminum oxide does not deliquescence. It does not absorb moisture after being burned. Aluminum oxide, a common amphoteric compound (corundum has an alpha-shaped shape and is resistant to acid and corrosion), is almost insoluble and insoluble in organic solvents and water; relative density (d204) 4.; melting point 2050.
Application of Nano aluminum oxide
Coating material for lithium-ion battery separators:
The ceramic coating of Nano-Aluminum Oxide, a high-purity nano-aluminum oxide, is used for the negative and positive electrode separators in lithium batteries. It plays a key role in high-temperature resistance and insulation. The battery is short-circuited after it has been melted.
Materials additives for lithium batteries cathode materials:
Nano-Aluminum dioxide high-purity, doped lithium cobalt or lithium manganate. Can improve thermal stability and cycle performance as well as overcharge resistance. It also inhibits oxygen generation and LiPF6 decay. The electrochemical specific capacitiy loss can be reduced, which will increase LiCoO2’s Electrochemical Specific Capacity.
Carriers Catalyst
High-purity g-type Nano- Aluminum oxide A porous material with a high adsorption rate and a surface area up to hundreds meter squares per gram. It’s a common adsorbent, catalyst and carrier in the petroleum refinery and petrochemical industries. Its drying ability is comparable to that of the phosphorus pentoxide. You can reuse it after use by heating the container at 175degC for 6-8h.

Anti-caking powder coating
The use of nano aluminum oxide in powder coatings is a great way to increase bulkiness. It also has an anti-caking function. Nano-Aluminumoxide can prevent powder coatings agglomerating during summer.
Use this wear-resistant hardener to protect coatings, rubber, or plastics
A prepared coating that contains 5-20% Nanoaluminum oxide can be greatly improved in wear resistance and scratch resistance. The coating is typically 2-5 times stronger than conventional coatings. Nano-Aluminumoxide can be used to create a fine network structure on the paint’s surface that protects the polymer paint layers below. Nano paint’s anti-scratch ability is 3x better than that of original. This paint can be widely used for automobile paints. Nano aluminum oxide, which can increase the hardness by about 20%, can make the coating as strong as 6-7H. This does not impact the transparency.
Plastics, rubbers adhesives and coatings have a thermal conductivity that is higher than the others.
A single aluminum oxide crystal has a thermal conductivity value of 30. However, Nano-scale Aluminum Oxide has a high thermal conductivity as well as a great deal of spherical and other filling. Coupling agents, which are surface treatments agents that improve thermal conductivity without altering the mechanical properties of the matrix material, can be useful to increase compatibility of resin matrix and filler.
High purity and uniform size of the nano-alluminum oxide particles make it very dispersible. VK-30 can be used to raise the mold pressure in sintered ceramics and decrease the number pores. This will increase the ceramic’s density, improve mechanical properties, and lower the sintering temperatures.
Powder metallurgy
Nano Aluminum oxide can be used for metalurgical purposes, having small particles, large specific surface areas, high activity. To prevent matrix densification, enlarge crystal grains and to enhance hardness and conductivity.
Aluminum oxide features uniform particles with a great sphere shape. Aluminum oxide is used as a polishing material and for metalographic polishing. You can use it for mirror polishing in stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, and stone polishing.

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