Lempotee advanced material supplieris committed to technology development, applications of nanotechnology and new material industries, with professional experiencein the nano-technology research and development and the application of materials.especially for 3d printing powder, 3d printing metal powder, 3d printing powder supplier, 3d printing for titanium powder, 3d printing plastic powder. Nanotrun 3D Printing Powder Materials Co., Ltd As a leading nano-technology development and product applications additive manufacturer, Lempotee   dominates the markets. Lempotee   provides solutions across the various processes and steps of laboratories and industries. Our professional working team provides the perfect solutions to help increase efficiency in various industries, create value, easy to deal with various challenges. Currently our company has successfully developed serious of powder materials (including oxides, carbides, nitrides, single metal, etc.), high-purity target, functional ceramics and structural devices. OEM service is available. And our innovative, high-performance materials are widely used in all aspects of daily life, including but not limited to the automotive, electrical, electronics, information technology, petrochemical, oil, ceramics, paint, metallurgy, solar energy and catalysis. Our mail product list as following: Metal and alloy powder: boron, nickel, silicon, copper, iron, aluminum, chrome, silver Boride powder: magnesium boride, aluminum boride, boron nitride,boron carbide, hafnium boride Sulfide powder: Molybdenum sulfide, zinc sulfide, bismuth sulfide Oxide powder: ITO, ATO, iron oxide, titanium oxide, manganese oxide, copper oxide Carbide powder: titanium carbide, manganese carbide, titanium carbonitride, hafnium carbide Nitride powder:Alumium nitride, hafnium nitride, magnesium nitride, vanadium nitride Silicide powder: hafnium silicide, molybdenum silicide, tantalum silicide Hydride powder: Hafnium hydride, vanadium hydride, titanium hydride, zirconium hydride.