What is zinc stearate emulsion and its application

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What does zinc stearate-emulsion mean? Zinc Stearate is an organic material with a chemical composition of C36H70O4Zn. It comes as a powder in white and is not soluble in water. This is primarily used to lubricate and act as a release agent for phenolic, styrene and amino resins. Additionally, this product can be used as an activator for vulcanization and softener in rubber.
Zinc stearate aqueous emulsion is known as Zing Stearate Emulsion . This agent can be used in a variety of ways, including as a release, color retention, lubricant or release agent.
Z Inc Stearate Emulsion Characteristics
Water insoluble, but soluble in hot organic solvents, such as toluene or benzene. Decomposes to stearic acid when it comes into contact with acid.

Z Inc stearate Vorbereitung
Two methods for producing zinc stearate are available: The water method or the melting method.
Zinc stearate made by water is generally acidic and melting is alkaline. This is sometimes called the “wet” method. To control the temperature and pressure in the water, a catalyst and then a metallic hydroxide are added. To make stearin, the metalions are first replaced by catalysts. In order to generate metal salts, acids are used. Post-processing is performed on the catalyst and it can be recycled. After being centrifuged and dried, the stearate can be ground into a product that is 200 to 600 mesh. This meets all industry standards. Because water production is often characterized by a slightly higher level of stearic Acid, the end product will appear slightly acidic.
Also known as the “dry method”, the melting process is when the metal oxide (indirectly method zinc oxide), is added to the molten, stearic acids (under the presence of catalyst, otherwise, the conversion rate will be very slow and very long). Control the temperature, pressure, and stirring speed in order to get stearate by reaction. Because the catalyst is present in most reactions, these products can be totally reacted. The metal oxides produced by the dry process are somewhat excessive so it’s alkaline.

Emulsion of zinc stearate
Zinc Stearate can also be used to heat stabilizers, lubricants; greases; accelerators; thickeners and many other purposes. You can use it as a heat stabiliser for PVC resin. This product can be used for general industrial transparent products. It can be combined with a calcium soap to use in non-toxic items. Although this product is mainly used in soft products it has been increasingly used in hard transparent products. The product is very lubricious and may be used. It is able to reduce the appearance of fouling and it can be used as a paint additive, release agent, lubricant and flattening agent.
Zinc Stearate Emulsion is versatile in many applications including plastics, rubber, coatings. Paints. Thermal paper. Cosmetics.
Rubber industry: active agents, release agent, and release agent
Industry plastic: Internal release agent
Coating industry: color retention agent, filler, etc.
Paint industry: grinding aids
Lubricants industry

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