Nickel Titanium Spoon – The Unsung Hero in Your Outdoor Gear Collection

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The spork may not seem as cool as a wood-burning stove or hunting knife but it is definitely an unsung hero in your outdoor gear collection. It is an ultralight, reusable, bacteria-resistant cutlery tool that makes for a great addition to your backpacking or camping kits. It’s also a handy item to have at work as it can help eliminate plastic or single-use cutlery.

The best spork is made from nickel titanium which has the added benefit of shape memory. This is when an alloy, in this case titanium, is heated to a specific temperature and then snaps back into its original shape when cooled down. This is a key feature of many high-quality titanium items and why they’re often lighter than similar products made from other metals.

A good spork will have an ergonomic handle that feels comfortable in your hand and can withstand the rigours of wilderness cooking. It should have micro serrations that can easily slice through protein rich foods and a fork end that can stab the perfect bite. It should also be lightweight and durable so that it can last a lifetime of use.

A good spork will also be easy to clean. After a meal it should easily wipe clean so that it doesn’t retain bacteria. It should also have a storage sleeve or bag in a bright colour to make it easy to spot in your pack. Ideally, the spork will be made of pure titanium that has been sandblasted to burn colour rather than painted with chemicals like aluminium alloys or stainless steel.