High Purity Aluminum Oxide Powder

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high purity aluminum oxide powder is an inert, non-corrosive and abrasive material, which can be used as a coating for metal and plastic products. It is used in electrical insulation, chemical refractory, and other industrial applications.

In addition, it can be used as a refractory for high-temperature furnaces, and is available in blanket, board, brick, and loose fiber forms. It is an excellent material for a wide variety of refractory applications, such as high temperature furnaces and other heat treating equipment.

Compared with traditional aluminum oxide, the Nano-alumina has stronger corrosion resistance and chemical inertness. It also has higher transmittance and lower sintering temperature, thus increasing the density of the ceramic products. It is suitable for the reinforcement and toughening of various plastics, rubber, and ceramic products.

The Nano-alumina is prepared by gas phase method, has high purity and low particle size. It has a stable crystal phase, high hardness, good stability, and is easy to disperse and use. It is widely used for the sintering of alumina-containing ceramic products, such as substrates, cutting tools, nozzles, grinding media, bio-implants, and coatings.

Zirconia toughened alumina is a material developed by combining 10% to 20% zirconium oxide with aluminum oxide, which increases its fracture toughness. It is suitable for a variety of high-stress industrial applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and marine engineering.

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