What is the price of cobalt phosphide?

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The physical and chemical properties cobalt-phosphide Physical properties
The gray color of cobalt-phosphide is needle-like. It has a relative density of 6.14 at 15°C. The melting temperature is 1386degC. It’s a reliable, cheap and stable transition metal phosphide.
Chemical material
It is insoluble in nitric and aqua regia, but insoluble when dissolved in water. Intercalation compounds such as cobalt-phosphide (CO2P), are formed from the phosphorus source reaching the transition metal, cobalt. The uses of cobalt-phosphide include magnetism, the manufacture of lithium batteries anodes, hydrogenation, catalysis and photocatalytic destruction. Cobalt Phosphide, a semiconductor materials with low bandgaps, high thermal and chemical stability, high electrical conductivity, and high-efficiency catalytic performances, is suitable for preparing high efficiency water-splitting catsalytic catalysts.
The purity and size parameters for cobalt-phosphide are:
Purity: 99.99%
The particle size -60 mesh
Bulk density: 6.14 (g/cm3)

How does cobalt phosphide CO2P powder get made?
Oil bath
For the purpose of synthesizing phosphate, Tritylphosphorus can be used as a source of phosphorus. This is possible in an organic mix by thermal decomposition. It is possible to cause the formation of cobalt nanowires by using tri octylphosphorus as a source of phosphorus in the reaction.
Hydrogen reduction
The bond between phosphorus (and oxygen) is stronger so phosphorus formation, oxygen metal, and phosphorus bonds can only take place at high temperatures. This process also increases the adsorption rate of hydrogen. However, overflowing with phosphate causes the phosphate levels to drop to phosphide. The high temperature of sintering results in most phosphate synthesis resulting in large grains.
The hypophosphite pathway is relatively easy and mild. It involves the heating of sodium hypophosphite to a high temperature (325-400degC). This will decompose the salt hypophosphite. In situ, toxic PH3 will be generated.
Element preparation method
Phosphorus is used to make metal phosphides under hydrothermal conditions, 140-200degC. As a source for phosphorus in elemental phosphorus, white phosphorus can be found alongside yellow phosphorous or red phosphorus.

Price of cobalt-phosphide
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