Properties And Application of Titanium Carbide Based Cermet

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Titanium Carbide properties: The iron gray crystal contains titanium carbide (TiC). has metallic luster. You will find it has many characteristics that are comparable to metals. These include a high melting point, boiling temperature, hardness, thermal conductivity and electric conductivity. This substance also has superconductivity even at low temperatures. It is therefore used often to make cermets. Hard alloys. Heat-resistant alloys. Anti-wear materials. High-temperature radiation material.

Titanium Carbide Based Cemet:

The titanium carbide ceramics of transition metal carbide are inherently weak and therefore cannot be used for engineering purposes. This makes it a common component in composite materials. It’s also used to reinforce the structure of other metal carbides, but is more commonly used in coatings in the field. It is important to pay attention to the development of titanium carbide-based ceramics. The heterogeneous composite material Titanium carbide-based Cermet is made from metal and alloy TiC ceramics. It has high strength and hardness. The material can also be used as a protective shield for thermocouple and crucibles.

Titanium Carbide Based Cermet Application:

1.Cutting metallic tools: A new tool material made from titanium carbide-based ceramic is It has seen rapid development in recent years. The wear resistance of titanium carbide-based cermet is significantly higher than the ordinary cemented and carbide in similar cutting conditions. It also has an excellent comprehensive performance. High-speed cutting has a wear resistance that is between 5 and 8 times better than YT14 cemented caride. The current titanium carbide-based ceramics can be made into various cutting blades. These are useful for precise boring holes, turning instead of grinding, and many other finishing areas. 2.Aerospace sector: Cu cermet made by high-temperature framework infiltration has excellent ablation resistance. This cermet can be used to line rocket throats or as guard plate materials. 3 Other: A metal-based ceramic lined, made by centrifugal cast of the SHS method, is used for anti-corrosion in pipelines for transportation of petroleum, chemical, or semi-products. Also, it can be used for anti-wear for mines. This lining can be used to line water pipelines that carry muddy water. Lempotee Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional Titanium Carbide company with over 12 year experience in chemical products development and research. We can provide high-quality Titanium Carbide if required.
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