What is Colloidal Gold?

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Colloidal Gold A sol- or colloidal suspension made of small amounts of gold nanoparticles and dissolved in fluid (usually water). The most common colloids are wine red for spherical nanorods and smaller spherical pieces less than 100nm. Blue/purple is used to make larger nanorods or larger spherical elements. The optical, electronic and molecular recognition capabilities of gold nanoparticles make them a subject of much research.
Colloid gold nanoparticles’ properties and applications are influenced largely by their shape and size. The rod-like particles are characterized by transverse and longitudinal absorption peaks. Their self-assembly is affected by anisotromy of their shape.

Because of their interaction with visible light, colloidal gold has been used for many centuries by artists. Based on the size of the particles, their shape and local refractive indice, as well as whether they are in a state or not, nanoparticles of gold absorb and scatter light. This results in colors that vary from bright red to darker blue (smaller particles), to transparent and non-colorless (larger particles) and so forth. These colors are due to a phenomena called “local surface plasmon reflection (LSPR), where conducting electrons at the nanoparticle’s surface resonate with incident sunlight.
In general, nanoparticles of a given size increase the wavelength of absorbed light. A pseudo-spherical, gold nanoparticle with a 30 nm diameter has peak LSPR absorption of approximately 530 nm.
A colloidal solution of gold nanoparticles can lead to a change in the color of the solution. Also, the optical properties are affected by the refractive indices near nanoparticles. Thus, two molecules that connect directly to the surface nanoparticles (i.e. the nanoparticles glue) or nanoparticles of liquid may alter the optical characteristics. NP LSPR is sensitive to changes in refractive values near gold surfaces. However, extinction peak shifts will occur only when solvent conditions are present.
Gold nanoparticles aggregate and change their optical properties as the particle’s effective sizes, shapes, and dielectric environments all alter.

For what purpose is colloidal gold used?
Drug delivery system
Nanoparticles of gold can be used for optimizing the drug distribution in diseasesd cells, organs and tissues. This will allow you to target better drug delivery. Only if the drug distribution system is not adequate, nanoparticle-mediated drug Delivery is possible. You can use drug targeting to combat instability (proteins and siRNA), DNA. Delivered to trouble sites such as the brain, retina and tumors, or intracellular organelles, drugs that have serious side effects (e.g. anticancer medications) Nanoparticle performance is affected by the particle size and their surface function. Additionally, the release of drugs and decomposition can differ from one system to another (e.g. ph-sensitive polymers

Enhancer for Radiotherapy
To increase tumor-specific doses, there has been a great deal of interest in gold and other particles containing heavy metal atoms. Due to the fact that the dosage is increased by selectively increasing the amount of the gold nanoparticles absorbed into the tumor rather than the surrounding healthy tissue, It is believed that the radiation dose from the nanoparticles near them has a local effect on the treatment’s biological effectiveness. It works in the same way as heavy ion treatment.

Toxic gas detection
The AuNPs property of gold nanoparticles has allowed for an inexpensive and simple in-situ method of detecting H2S within the air. The formation of HS- occurs when H2S dissolves in weakly acid buffer solution. It can stabilise AuNPs and keep them red. This allows naked detection for H2S toxic levels.

What’s the difference between Colloidal Silver & Colloidal Gold, and How do they differ?
The widespread use of colloidal silver for treatment of a wide range conditions includes viral and bacterial infection, allergies, skin conditions and HIV.
It is believed that colloidal gold can improve memory and cognition, decrease stress and reduce the risk of getting headaches, and overall improve your health.

Are Colloidal Gold and Natural?
The gold nanoparticles can be used as a natural substance, without the use of any additives.

Colloidal Silver Price
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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