What is Aluminum Nitride?

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How do you define it? Aluminum Nitride ? The covalent bond chemical, aluminum nitride or AIN is an atomic compound that is not toxic, safe, white, or off-white.
Aluminum Nitride has the following main attributes
AlN remains stable at 2200 °C. Strength at room temperatures is good, but it decreases gradually with temperature. It is an excellent thermal shock material because it has a low thermal conductivity. Aluminum nitride is resistant to corrosion and is a good crucible for the casting of pure iron or aluminum. The potential electrical component aluminum nitride, which is an excellent electrical insulator that has good dielectric characteristics and also offers promising results as an electrical component, is aluminum nitride. An aluminum nitride layer on gallium arsenide protects it against ion implantation in annealing. Aluminium nitride also acts as a catalyst in the transformation of hexagonal to cubic boron nutride. It is slow to react with water at room temperatures. Aluminum powder can be made in nitrogen atmosphere or ammonia at 8001000. It is white-to gray-blue and easily synthesized. It can be produced by reaction of Al2O3C–N2 system at 16001750. The powder is off-white. Oder prepared using vapor-phase reactions of aluminum chloride, ammonia. It can also be prepared using the AlCl3-NH3 vapor-phase method.
Aluminum Nitride Properties
Other Titles Aluminium nitride
Compound Formula AlN
Molecular Weight 40.9882
Appearance From white powder to pale yellow powder
Melting Point 2200 degC
Boiling Point 2517 degC (dec.)
Density 2.9% to 3.3 grams/cm3.
Solubility of H2O N/A
Electrical Resistivity 10 – 12 10x 10x O.m
Poisson’s Rate 0.21 to $0.31
Specific Heat 780 J/kg-K
Thermo Conductivity 80-200 W/mK
Thermal Expansion 4.2 to 5.4 um/mK
Young’s Module 330 GPa
Exact Mass 40.9846
Monoisotopic 40.9846
AlN powder (CAS 24304–00-5)
Aluminum Niitride
The majority of current research is focused upon developing a semiconductor light-emitting diode, either gallium nitride (or alloy aluminum galium nitride), that emits ultraviolet light having a wavelength of 250 nanometers. An inefficient diode may emit light up to 210nm (as reported by 1 May 2006). An aluminum nitride single crystal has an energy gap measuring by reflectance from ultraviolet rays. It has an energy value of 6.2eV. According to theory, this energy gap permits waves at wavelengths of around 200 nanometers to pass through. However, commercialization presents many problems. Optoelectronic engineering uses aluminum nitride as an optical layer, in electronic substrates and in chip carriers. Military applications also use it.
The properties of aluminum-nitride’s piezoelectric effects make epitaxial stretching crystals of aluminum nitride possible. This is used as a surface acousticwave detector. They are mounted on silicon wafers. It is difficult to produce thin films reliably in these locations.
Aluminum nitride clays can be used for heat exchanger materials and parts that require high temperatures.
It can be used in crucibles or casting materials to smelt Al, Cu, Ag and Pb by using aluminum nitride clays. This ceramic resists the corrosion properties iron and aluminum.
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