The Properties And Applications of Aluminum Nitride Powder

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Aluminum nitride (AlN) Hexagonal. Pure AlN, which is hexagonal, is typically grayish or off-white. A series of exceptional characteristics make aluminum nitride ceramics great, such as high thermal conductivity, reliability in electrical insulation, low dielectric lost and dielectric constant, nontoxicity, and matching thermal expansion coefficient with silicon. It’s a novel ceramic material that offers excellent performance.

Aluminum Nitride Properties

Aluminum nitride does not corrode by molten or other molten metals, as well as gallium arsenide. It also has excellent resistance to corrosion of molten iron.

Aluminum nitride is a metal with high thermal conductivity, about 320W/m*K. This is comparable to SiC or BeO but more than 5x that of Al2O3

(2) Aluminium nitride has a thermal expansion coefficient equal to Si at 3.5-4×10-6degC and GaAs at 6×10-6degC.
(3) Excellent electrical properties include dielectric constant, dielectric loss and volume resistance, as well as dielectric strength.

Aluminum Nitride (4) can be sintered at ambient pressure and boasts good mechanical properties and flexural strength that is higher than Al2O3 ceramics and BeO ceramics.

(5) Aluminum Nitride has excellent optical transmission properties.

Application of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

1. Aluminium nitride is a powder with high purity and low particle sizes. It also has high activity. It’s the principal raw material to make high-temperature aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates.

2. High thermal conductivity, low expansion factor, high strength and high resistance are some of the characteristics that aluminum nitride ceramics substrate has. The ideal material for packaging and heat dissipation in large integrated circuits.

3.Aluminum-nitride is hardier than conventional alumina.

4. The heat resistance, thermal shock resistance, and melt erosion resistance of AIN ceramics can all be utilized. The aluminum nitride can also be used as a film for high frequency piezoelectric elements, large-scale integrated circuit substrates or other applications.

5. Aluminum nitride has excellent heat resistance, resists corrosion by molten steel, and is stable to acid. It can be easily corroded with alkaline solution. The new surface will form a thin oxide layer when it is exposed to humid air. It can also be used for casting metals such as aluminum, copper and silver. AIN ceramics can be used to replace toxic beryllium-oxide ceramics. They are also good at metallization.

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