Nano silver solution broad-spectrum sterilization

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For thousands of year, silver was used to make jewelry and human utensils. According to science, silver can be sterilized and disinfected. It is primarily due to the absorption of silverions by microorganisms that silver has an antibacterial effect. The microorganisms responsible for respiration are those that are attracted to silver ions. The enzyme will stop working after being destroyed. A cutting-edge, nano-technology is used to create nano-sized silver. With the advent of nanotechnology, there has been a significant increase in the anti-bacteriac ability of silver nano-states. Nano-silver has a very strong antibacterial effect and can kill bacteria in just a few seconds. More than 700 species of bacteria can be killed by broad-spectrum sterilization. This is possible without the need for any medication and without causing any irritation.
Silver ions not only have the function of destroying bacterial proteins, but also have a super function-sterilization, and relatively little harm to heavy metal silver. Silver ions will form when the cup contains silver. A tiny amount can kill many bacteria.
Sterilization principle for super-nano silver
Principle 1: Super nano-silver-nanotechnology processing silver particles, its activity becomes stronger, and silver ions are released after contact with water, and the active silver ions can enter the cell wall of bacteria freely, causing the cell wall to rupture and the cytoplasm to flow out of the bacteria to die instantly;
Principle 2: The silver ions attract negatively charged bacteria cells and form sulfhydryl chains. This causes the bacteria to cease to function in respiration, metabolism, and reproduction. In order to attain sterilization effect, you must remain alive until death.
These are the two ways silver can kill bacteria.
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