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Candida spp. makes sophorolipids. Under some conditions, you can use sugar and vegetable oils as carbon sources during fermentation.
About Sophorolipid SL Candida spp. makes sophorolipids. You can use sugar and vegetable oils as carbon sources during fermentation under some conditions.
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Sophorolipid® SL Product Performance
There are two types of sophorolipids, acid or lactone. Mixed structure industrialized sophorolipids tend to be more common. Because of this uncertainty, each batch may have a slightly different product composition. It is only possible to separate the lactone and acid types of purified product. It is rare to find single-structured products other than for the purpose of reagent usage.

Technical Parameters of Sophorolipid) SL:
Product name Shortname Effective content Odor Appearance
Sophorolipid SL SL 50+-5 6-8 Lightly distinctive odor Fluids that range from light yellow to dark brown

Applicaciones Sophorolipid SSL: Sophorolipid, a glycolipid biosurfactant is one type. It has the general properties of solubilizing, emulsifying, wetting, foaming, dispersing and reducing surface tension of conventional surfactants, and it is also biodegradable, temperature-resistant, high-salt-resistant, adaptable to a wide range of pH and environmental protection. Other characteristics include friendliness. The use of sophorolipids is possible in many areas, including petroleum, food and cosmetics. It can replace or partially substitute chemical synthetic surfactants.

Shipping Sophorolipid SL, Packing & Shipping
Many types of packing are available depending on Sophorolipid SL.
Sophorolipid SL Packaging: 1kg/bottle; 25kg/barrel and 200kg/barrel
Sophorolipid SL Shipping: the payment receipt has been received, it can be sent out either by air or sea.


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Sophorolipid SL Safety & Healthcare Information

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