Iron II Sulfate Heptahydrate Formula

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iron ii sulfate heptahydrate formula is a blue-green, monoclinic crystal or granule, odorless, tasteless and soluble in water. It is also soluble in anhydrous alcohol, but insoluble in ether. On heating, it loses three molecules of its water of crystallization and becomes a white anhydrous substance. The decomposition of the anhydrous material begins at about 680 °C (1,256 °F).

Ferrous sulfate is used as a precursor to prepare other iron compounds such as a lawn conditioner and mordant for wool dyeing. It is also used as a colorant in woodworking and in the treatment of iron chlorosis in horticulture. It is one of the components of iron oxide red and iron blue inorganic pigments and as an intermediate for some iron catalysts.

In metallurgy, it is used as an iron smelting reagent and in the production of magnetic iron oxide. It is also a food fortifier and in some countries is used to prevent iron deficiency anemia. This form of iron supplements is typically prescribed for women who have heavy menstrual periods, pregnant women or those who are undergoing hemodialysis. These supplements can cause side effects such as constipation.

It is also a soil amendment to lower the pH of alkaline soil so that plants and trees can access essential nutrients. It is also a pesticide for wheat smut and apple and pear scab diseases, and it can control moss and lichen. It is a trace element fertilizer that can accelerate the turning green of rice and sugar beet, neutralize alkaline soil and promote plant maturity. It can also be incorporated into compost to improve soil quality.