Knowledge About High Purity Graphite Powder Properties

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Graphite powder A type of mineral powder. It’s composed mainly of carbon simple substance. It has a dark grey color and is soft in quality. Graphite can be used in a variety of applications, including conductive, refractory, wear-resistant, and lubricating, such as insulating, conductive, or electrically conductive materials.

Properties of high purity graphite powder

At room temperature graphite powder has a stable chemical composition. It is insoluble with water, dilute acid, alkalis, organic solvents, and alcohol. It is more difficult to oxidize graphite by acids under heating. However, at high temperatures, graphite can react with many metals and form metal carbides. These can be used to melt metals at very high temperatures.

Graphite is a sensitive chemical substance. Its resistance will fluctuate in different environments. That is to say, it will have a lower resistance than the one you are used to. But, this will not affect its value. Graphite powder, a very strong non-metallic conductive metal, is one. If graphite is present in an insulating item, it can be energized as a wire.

Because of its unique structure graphite powder exhibits the following properties:

Types that are resistant to high temperatures: The melting point and boiling point of graphite respectively is 3850+-50 and 4325. Even when graphite powder is heated to ultra-high temperatures, it will not lose much weight and has a very low thermal expansion coefficient. Temperature increases graphite powder’s strength. At 2000°C graphite powder’s strength doubles.

2) Electric and thermal conductivity. The graphite has an electrical conductivity that is 100x greater than other non-metallic minerals. The thermal conductivity of graphite is greater than the one for metals like steel, iron, or lead. Temperature increases the thermal conductivity. Even at extreme high temperatures graphite can be used as an insulator.

2) Lubricity: The graphite powder’s lubricating ability is affected by the size and shape of its flakes. The lubricating power of graphite powder is dependent on the size and friction coefficient of the flakes.

4) Chemical stability Graphite powder is very stable at room temperatures and resists acid, alkali, and organic solvent corrosion.

5) Plasticity – Graphite powder can be attached to very thin flakes and has good strength.

6) Temperature shock resistance: Graphite is resistant to extreme changes in temperature. The volume of graphite won’t change drastically if the temperature suddenly changes. No cracks or other damage will result.

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