High Purity Indium Selenide In2Se3 Powder CAS 12056-07-4 99.9%

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Indium Selenide In2Se3 – A N-type semiconductor compound, which can be used to perform photoelectric conversions, photocatalysis, and in other areas. Particle Size: Granule, -100mesh Purity: 99.9% About Indium Selenide In2Se3 Pulp : Indium Selenide, a subclass of III-VI compounds that have different chemical compositions, is one example. Indium(III), selenide formulais In2Se3. It can be a crystal, or a soft, dark-black scaly with a melting points of 890 10. It dissolves and is decomposed in concentrated acid. Indium Selenide Properties: Inse3 (the most well-studied) and In2Se3 (the least studied). In2Se3 mostly consists of the. Researchers at the University of Manchester (UK) and Nottingham created an ultra-thin and thin nanoscale form of indium selenide. It is composed mainly of the following: Inse3 and In2Se3. Send an inquiry for the latest Indium Selenide pricing at any time.

Indium Selenide In2Se3 powder performance: Indium Selenide is a Group III-VI chemical compound. It has many chemical compositions. InSe3 (and In2Se3) are the most well-studied. In2Se3 mostly contains five crystal structures of. Researchers at the University of Manchester, Nottingham and University of Nottingham created nano-scale, ultra-thin silicon selenide. They demonstrated superior semiconductor performance to silicon and are a great material for the future replacement of silicon in electronic chips.

Parameter Technical of Indium Selenide In2Se3 powder:

Product name Purity Particle Size Melting Point Molecular mass Indium Selenide In2Se3 99.9% –100 mesh 667 466.516 Black

How Indium Selenide I2Se3 Pul is produced? Indium selenide (In2Se3) exists in four crystal structures (α, β, δ, γ). At temperatures between 1000oC and 1100oC, the metal phases of Indium Selenide change into intrinsically conducting phases. Indium Selenide Se3 Powder HTML3_ : These levels can be compared to single-crystal TMDCs material and cm single crystal graphene. The single crystal size between the main metal compounds is many micrometers. Because of its exceptional optical and electric properties, semiconductor material is likely to be widespread in many fields, including microelectronics.

Indium Selenide In2Se3 Pulver Storage Conditions: We offer many packing options that are dependent on Indium Selenide In2Se3 Pulver quantity. Packaging of Indium Selenide, In2Se3 Powder: Vacuum packaging, 100g to 500g, 1kg/bag and 25kg/barrel. Or as you request. Shipping of Indium Selenide, In2Se3 Powder: This could be done by sea, air or express, once the payment has been received.

Indium Selenide Properties

Indium(III) selenide, selenoxoindium, Selanylideneindium, in2Se3 powder

12056-07-4 Compound Formula In2Se3

Molecular Weight

466.52 Appearance Black Powder Melting Point 890 Heating Point N/A Density 5.8 g/cm3 Solubility of H2O N/A Exact 469.557321

Indium Selenide Health & Safety Information

Signal word Danger Hazard Statements H301-H331-H373-H410 Hazard Codes T Risk Codes 23/25-33-50/53 Security Statements 20/21-28-45-60-61 Transport Information

UN 3283 6.1/PG 3
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