Cuco3 Soluble

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cuco3 soluble is a chemical compound that is soluble in water. It is an important reagent in the mining industry, electroplating and the preparation of dyes among many other industrial uses.

The solubility of sulfates in water is governed by their ionic character. The higher the ionic character of the sulfate, the more soluble it is in water.

If you look at the table of solubility, the table shows that sulfates are soluble except for CaSO4 and PbSO4. Why is this?

First, sulfates have strong electrostatic forces of attraction between positively charged cations and negatively charged anions. They need a lot of energy to break these strong bonds and release the ions that are stuck to their fixed positions. This energy is called the solvation energy, which is more than what the ions need to form separate ions and to dissolve SO42.

Therefore, CuSO4 is very soluble because its ion pair energy is relatively small and its solvation energy with water easily overcomes this energy. This means that the ions of the sulfate are attracted to the OH- ions in the water and become dissolved.

The solubility of copper sulfate is mainly influenced by the ion pair energy between the cations and the anions, and also by the covalent character of the sulfate. Hence, the higher the covalent character of the compound, the lower its solubility in water is.