Aluminum Zinc Alloy

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aluminum zinc alloy is the name of an aluminium based material that has been mixed with other elements to improve its properties and performance. It is often used to create die castings, which are cast metal components used in a range of industrial applications. The primary alloying elements are zinc, copper, iron, manganese, tin, lead and silica. It can be cast at lower temperatures than aluminium alloys, has a higher workable strength and elongation, reaches excellent precision and first-rate formability, and provides good corrosion resistance.

Zinc alloys are also pressure tight and far less likely to leak than aluminium alloys. This makes them a great choice for fluid-handling devices, such as pumps and valves, which must withstand high pressures under severe conditions. Zinc alloys are also less expensive to finish machine, which reduces production costs and the need for maintenance and retooling.

Zinc alloys have a lower melting point than aluminum, making them compatible with the hot chamber die casting process. This allows manufacturers to create small parts with very thin wall sections. Zinc is a more cost competitive solution than aluminium, particularly for complex and precision-engineered die castings that require tight tolerances and intricate geometries. It is able to reach more precise dimensions, and can be cast to finished dimensions, avoiding the need for finishing or machining. It also offers more stability, longer die life and better machinability. In addition, it can withstand more extreme atmospheric conditions than aluminium.