What is Palladium Silver?

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palladium silver is a hybrid alloy that contains both silver and palladium. It is very similar in color to platinum alloys but is a bit cheaper than pure palladium. It is also much harder and has better tarnish resistance than standard sterling silver.

The metal is used by Sheaffer as one of the platings on their fountain pen nibs when a silver appearance is desired, and is also used by Hermes to plate the hardware on their handbags (most famously the Birkin). It has been used in jewelry for decades and is highly sought after for its beauty, durability, and hypoallergenic properties.

It is also used in automotive catalytic converters, dental fillings, and electronics production. Because of its unique properties and limited supply, it is a desirable investment metal as well. In fact, it has the highest industrial applications and demand of any precious metal and is only behind gold and platinum in total world production. It has a high price tag but its rareness and specialized uses makes it valuable as an investment.

Palladium is a platinum group metal (PGM). It has a natural silvery white color and the highest melting point of any element at 1,090 °C. Like platinum, it is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Its tarnish-resistant property is due to its unique structure with an empty outer electron shell, making it the only metal that does not react with oxygen at normal temperatures. It does not oxidize in air and may become slightly darker over time due to the formation of a surface layer of palladium(II) oxide, though this is not considered to be dangerous.