What is Fumed Silica?

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Fumed Silica can be described as a fine white powder that is made by hydrolysis silicon halide at high temperatures in an oxyhydrogen flame. Amorphous silicon dioxide is the product. Its primary size is 740nm. Aggregate size is 200-500nm. Specific surface area is 100400m2/g. There is high purity and SiO2 content not lower than 99.8%. There are a number of silica groups in vapor-phase silica aggregates that have untreated surfaces. This is the isolated, untreated hydroxyl group. The second is made up of bonded silyl units that link and form hydrogen bonds. The aggregates of vapor-phase silica with an untreated top are those that contain multiple -Oh substances. These -Oh compounds can be used to create a uniform, three-dimensional network structure in the liquid system (hydrogen bonds). With external forces (shear force and electric force), this three-dimensional network structure (hydrogen bonds) can be created. It will collapse, thin the medium, cause viscosity to drop, and then the external force (shear force, electric force, etc.) will disappear. The three-dimensional structure (hydrogen bonds) with this external force will vanish, but the viscosity should rise once it is restored.

Fumed silica, one of the most valuable new inorganic material is. The particle sizes are small, the specific surface area is large, it has high energy and chemical purity. It also exhibits good thermal resistance, dispersion performance, specific performance, as well as other characteristics. You cannot replace it because of its stability and its reinforcing effects, thickening, thixotropy, and other unique properties.
You can use it in many fields, such as ink thickening, plastic filling, rubber reinforcing, rubber reinforcing, rubber reinforcing, rubber reinforcing, rubber reinforcing, rubber reinfor C, medical, protection and medicine.

The main “sex of fumed silica is hydrophilic or hydrophobic. You can apply physical, chemical, or mechanical techniques to the fumed silicona interface. This allows you to alter its chemical and physical characteristics. This allows it to be used in modern technologies, such as new material and development of new technology.

Silica-containing hydrophobic silica products
The thickening of polar fluids like epoxy resins; Silicone reinforcement; High-addition, as with molded products.

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