What are the differences between CrN and Cr2N?

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What is chrome nitride, and how does it form? Nickel and metal can create metal chromium trioxide under different conditions. Common nitrides in metal chromium consist of CrN (or ) and Cr2N. They can also be used to reinforce steels with CrN or Cr2N, which are both important metallurgical secondary phases in heat-resistant alloys.

How do Cr2N and CrN differ?
Different physical, chemical, or mechanical properties exist for CrN as well as Cr2N.
Cr2N structure The metal Cr has an interstitial hexagonal arrangement and non-metallic atoms. In CrN structure the metal Cr is placed as a face center cubic lattice and the N atoms are filled into the octahedral space. To form simple NaCl structures, N atoms were added to the gap between the face-centered cubic lattice and Cr.
Cr2N’s comprehensive performance is more than CrN, according to general consensus. Cr2N’s acid and alkali resistance is evidently higher than CrN.

What does chromium-nitride do?
As an anticorrosive, coating material for plastic and metal forming processes, CrN is utilized.
Commonly, CrN is used for medical tools and implants.
CrN is also an important ingredient in advanced multicomponent coating systems such as CrAlN. This allows for wear-resistant cutting tools.

What does chromium-nitride coated mean?
It is most commonly used for precision metal parts. Chromium-nitride, an inert and extremely hard film coating is also available. It is a great choice in high temperatures because it has a higher resistance to temperature than TiN. CrN can also be used for sliding wear and corrosive environments.

Chromium nitride coating properties:
Lower than the TiN residual compressive stress. It can be pilfered thicker.
It has a thick, continuous coating unlike hard chromemium with microcracks.
It can withstand temperatures as high as 700°C (13300°F) in the atmosphere.
Protective thin-film coatings are used for PVD vacuum systems.
This can be used to enhance the surface properties of most metals as well in certain ceramics and plastics.
While it appears like metallic silver, this material is superhard.
Rockwell C grades are harder than hard chromium plating.
Highly inert, low-corrosive and excellent chemical resistance.
It is safe to use in food processing and medical equipment.
Holes are eliminated because of the high density.
Most commonly 3 microns. 0001 “thick.
The thickness of the material must match the profile on the piece.
You can form a solid bond to the substrate, without any blistering, peeling and/or detritus

Chromium Nitride Price
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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