The Properties And Applications of Boron Carbide Powder

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Boron carbide Also known as black diamond or inorganic material,, it is generally gray-black micropowder with a chemical composition of B4C. It is known to be one of three most difficult materials (along with diamond and cubic bore nitride).

Boron Carbide Properties

Boron carbide doesn’t react with acids and alkali solution. Boron carbide is one of most stable acids and can be found in concentrated, dilute or alkali-aqueous solutions.
Boron carbonide can be kept stable in air at 800 degrees Celsius. Boron oxide is formed at higher temperatures by its oxidation. This causes it to lose its stability and then oxidize to carbon dioxide and/or boron trioxide.
Mohs hardness for boron carbonide is approximately 9.5. This is third-hardest substance after diamonds and cubic boron nutride. However, its hardness exceeds that of silicon carbide. Boron carbide has low density, good strength and chemical stability.

Boron Carbide Products

Boron carbide has many uses, including in ceramic reinforcing phase, wear-resistant materials, lightweight armor and reactor neutron absorbers. Boron carbide is simple to make and inexpensive so it’s more commonly used. Boron carbide is a good substitute for expensive diamond.

Control nuclear fission
Boron carbide absorbs a lot of neutrons but does not produce radioactive isotopes. This makes it an excellent neutron absorber for nuclear power stations. Also, the neutron absorber controls nuclear fission’s rate. Although it’s most commonly made in a controlled rod form in the nuclear reactor fields, some times it may be powdered due to its increased surface area.

Abrasive material
Because of its high melting points, boron carbide is hard to mold into any artificial product. But, the powder can still be melted at high heat to produce simple shapes. This is useful for polishing and drilling hard materials, such as gemstones and cemented caride.

Coating paint
Boron carbide can be used to coat warships or helicopters with ceramics. Boron carbide is lightweight and can resist armor-piercing projectiles. It forms an integral defense coating by hot pressing.

This can be used in making gun nozzles within the munition industry. It has high wear resistance and hardness. The boron nitride sandblasting device will eventually replace those of silicon carbide, cemented carbide/tungsten or zirconia.

Boron carbide may also be used for the production of metal borides.

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