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What does it mean to areogel Aerogel is the lowest-density solid and has become a global icon as one of most effective thermal insulations.
It is lighter than tobacco and contains a minimum 0.16mg/ccm.
They can be widely used in construction, engineering, petrochemical and military industries, as well as transportation. Global market share is predicted to surpass 10 billion US$.

What does silica Aerogel mean?
Silicon dioxide (SiO2) aerogel The earliest and most stable aerogel in high temperature thermal insulation.
Silica aerogel (also known as blue smoke) can be considered one of the most prominent powder materials.
It’s a gel material with gas dispersion medium. This is a type of nano-porous, light solid material that contains colloidal particles interacting with each other. It is composed of colloidal particles that coalesce with each other in a network-like structure.
It’s the current solid material that has the lowest density and best thermal insulation.

Silica aerogel application
Due to its excellent transparency, thermal insulation and low density, siO2 aerogel has been widely utilized in many industries.

Insulating heat material
SiO2 aerogel The network has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.005 W/(g/cm3). This makes it a great thermal insulation material.
Kajikawa used SiO2 adhesive and siO2 aerogel to thermally insulation the internal combustion engine. They found it had excellent thermal insulation as well as mechanical strength.

Soundproof material
SiO2 aerogel can be used as a nanoporous substance. When sound is propagated in aerogel it will first enter the nano-pore. The three-dimensional network structure in SiO2 aerogel will cause sound waves to return, collide, reflect and reflect many more times.
Sound waves from nano-pores also create friction with air, pores walls and other materials, which can delay sound propagation and lead to great damage.
The SiO2 Aerogel is a great material to sound insulation or sound delay.
The unique, nano-porous, three-dimensional network structure of SiO2 aerogel and its characteristics of very-fine particles and high specific surface area make it an excellent adsorbent.
Additionally, due to SiO2’s high porosity (over 90%), it can be used as a catalyst carrier. On the other side, its catalytic performances make it a good choice for new catalysts or carriers.
Wang Meilan and colleagues synthesized siphilic SiO2 aerogels composite using citric Acid grafted to chitosan solution. The compound has an excellent application in wastewater treatment.

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