The Knowledge of Ceramic Powder Properties And Ceramic Powder Applications

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Ceramic powder This is a heterogeneous, composite material made of metals or alloys and one or many ceramic phases.
Ceramic phase of cermets usually contains high melting point oxides (Al2O3,ZrO3, BeO3, MgO etc.). ), nitrides (TiN, BN, Si3N4, etc. ), carbides (TiC, WC, etc. ), borides (TiB2, ZrB2, etc.) The main components of the metal phase are Ti, Cr. Ni, Co., Fe and any other metals. They can also be metal materials like bronze alloys or high-temperature alloys.

Cermets are classified according to their type: cermets may be either oxide-based or carbide-based.

Ceramic Powder Properties

Ceramic powder can be used as a high temperature material, alternating with ceramic materials or high-temperature alloys.

Ceramic powder resists high temperatures. The strength of ceramic powder can be sustained up to 1200degC. Ceramic powder will not melt or decompose after heating. It’s resistant to chemicals and is also a high-performance type of electrical insulation material.


1. Aerospace
Cermets are a broad area of development in the aerospace industry. They have to meet tough technical and environmental demands such as wear resistance, high strength and stability, high temperatures, high temperature, and durability. It is able to be used for manufacturing valves, stationary rings and other components in the aerospace industry.

2. Industries and Processing
Ceramic powder’s irreplaceable qualities include high hardness, wear resistance, excellent toughness, great toughness, and oxidation resistance.

3. Others
Other fields are also awash in ceramic powders that have good resistance to high temperatures and resistance to corrosion. These include high-temperature crucibles in the metallurgical and machinery industries, as well as wear and heat resistant parts in the machine industry and in electronics.

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