The Applications of Nano Silicon Powder

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An overview of Nano Silicon Powder
The most promising material to be used as an electrode for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries is silicon. With a specific capacity of 3600 mAh/g, it’s about 10 times greater than graphite (372-mAh/g). The material’s significant expansion in the loaded (lithiation state) as well as the instability of its solid electrolyte interface (SEI) make it a restricted choice. Poor mechanical stability of silicon electrodes and their chemical passivation properties make them unsuitable for battery system cycles. There has been a lot of research into these issues and many suggestions have been made to overcome them.
The lithium insertion process changes the volume of silicon so dramatically (around 400%) that it cracks and falls from the collector. As a result, most prototype lithium-silicon batteries lose their capacity within 10 charges or discharge cycles. Lithium-ion silicon’s stability and capacity issues are the keys to the successful development of large-capacity batteries.
Anode materials made of silicon have great potential to improve the energy storage and efficiency of lithium-ion cells. The main drawback of silicon anodes was their surface passivation via oxidation. This process increases impedance while decreasing the circularity. The high-purity silicone anode materials have a high specific capability without significantly impacting the cycle life.
Nano Silicon Anode Material Si Powder CAS 7440-21-3
What applications? Nano Silicon Powder
In the new generation of lithium-ion cells, silicon is the most promising type of anode materials. The nano silicon anode materials can be used for aluminum shell, flexible, and cylindrical batteries. Silicon anode can be mixed in the solvent to prevent agglomeration. The powder can stick to other batteries and create uniform coatings. These are ideal for use in a variety of applications such as photovoltaics, lithium-ion, and electronic batteries.
Nano Silicon Powder Supplier
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