Strontium Iodate – Synthesis of SrI2 Using Gel Technique

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strontium iodate

In our body, strontium helps forestall the re-retention of calcium, making it an essential mineral in maintaining bone health. It also helps maintain stronger teeth and is a powerful cavity preventative.

strontium iodate is a relatively abundant element found in the earth’s outer layer and is present naturally in rock, soil and water. It is also produced by human activities, such as coal and oil ignition.

It is used in cathode ray tubes (CRTs) for televisions, pyrotechnics and fireworks to produce a bright red color. It is also used in radioisotope thermoelectric generators and for certain cancer treatments.

Chemically, it is a stable iodide that decomposes at high temperatures to shape strontium oxide and free iodine. It is soluble in water and sparingly soluble in alcohol.

The compound is available in the form of granular, powder and liquid. The crystalline form has a density of 4.55 g/cm3 and is anhydrous.

Synthesis of SrI2 Using Gel Technique

A simple, rapid and low cost method for developing single crystals has been discovered in the growth of strontium iodate by gel technique with the help of diffusion process. This is a novel approach to fabricate single crystals that shows promising applications in nonlinear optical properties and piezoelectricity.

Optimum conditions for the development of crystals were set by shifting various parameters, for example, pH of gel, gel reactants, fixation programming, impact of neutral gel and so on. Prismatic, platy and lamellar needle type crystals were developed with thermal curves indicating monohydrate forms of strontium iodate.