Spherical Quartz Powder Properties And Applications

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Quartz powder in spheres The silica powder is made with a selection of irregular-angled silicon nanopowder. This raw material was then flame-melted into a spherical form to produce a small, specific area, high fluidity, and low stress.

Spherical Quartz Powder Properties

Spherical quartz powder is a great choice because of its smooth surface and large specific area. It also has high stability chemical properties.
First, the powder is fluid and evenly mixes with the resin. This creates a film. It is easy to add resin, but the amount of quartz powder used is very large. The mass fraction can even reach 90.5%. A higher amount of quartz powder is used to fill the mold, which results in a lower thermal conductivity. Also, the thermo expansion coefficient of the compound will be smaller. A better performance is achieved by electronic components if the thermo expansion coefficient for monocrystalline silicon is close to it.

Second, the stress on the spherical granule is less than 60% that of the angular granules. Furthermore, plastic molding compounds made from spherical Quartz powder have the lowest stress concentrations and greatest strength.

Finally, the smooth, non-sticky surface of the spherical dust can increase the mold’s life expectancy by reducing friction and wear.

Spherical quartz powder applications

It has many applications. Electronic packaging is its largest use. Electronic packaging is an industry that supports integrated circuits. As integrated circuits become increasingly sophisticated and larger-scale, very large-scale, or even extremely large-scale, they require more packaging material. Packaging forms and specifications are continually optimized and improved.

Microelectronic packaging requires it to exhibit high levels of moisture resistance, low stress, and resistance to dip and reflow soldering. It also needs to perform well in plastic sealing after integrated circuits are packaged. The important EMC support material, Spherical Quartz Powder, requires that the particles are the correct size.

Apart from being used in electronic packaging, spherical Quartz Powder can also be widely employed in the manufacturing of precision ceramics, electronic inks, laser fibers, electronic components and precision grinding, and fillers in special paints or coatings.

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