Spherical Alumina Powder And The Applications of Spherical Alumina

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One of the thermal conductive material is aluminum. Spherical aluminum oxide has made it a “star product”. Spherical alu is a popular choice in areas such as thermal management and vehicles that consume high amounts of energy, 5G, and other newer energy vehicles. Spherical Alumina is widely used not only as a thermal conductive substance but also in advanced ceramics, catalysis and grinding, polishing and composite materials.

Spherical Al2O3 Property

Because of their many crystal shapes and unique chemical properties, they have been widely used in electronics, the petrochemical industry and refractories as well as papermaking and pharmaceuticals. Alumina’s application capabilities in many areas are directly related to their morphology. While there are many powder particles with different shapes and sizes, the Al2O3 spherical particles can have more uniform morphology than other types, have smaller specific surfaces, higher packing density, and greater fluidity. This is a significant advantage that will greatly enhance the product’s application potential.

Spherical Application

Used as Spherical Allumina Powder Thermal Conductive Materials The most significant use of spherical aluminum is thermal conductive material. Spherical alumina can be classified as thermal interface material, thermal-conductive engineering plastics and thermally conductive plastic sealing substances. The thermal interface materials can be used to IC packaging or electronic heat loss. These materials fill in any gaps caused by contact between the materials. This reduces the heat transfer resistance and improves heat dissipation. Inorganic thermal filler sphere alumina is common. Its thermal conductivity can reach 3042W/m K.

Ceramics using Spherical Allumina Powder
The properties of ceramics can be greatly affected by adding a small amount of spherical aluminum powder to their production. Low temperature brittleness in ceramics has a significant impact on their ability to be used for various purposes. For low-temperature plastic ceramics, you can use ceramic materials with spherical aluminum powder. Additionally, ceramics can be made tougher by using spherical-alumina. It can increase the ceramic’s toughness by reducing the sintering temperatures and if the powder contains 5.0%.

As a polishing agent, use Spherical Allumina Powder
Spherical or flake-alumina alumina offers better fluidity and dispersion than conventional granular or flake. Because spherical powder abrasives are evenly distributed within polished products, there is no possibility for powder to accumulate in large quantities. The particle surface can also be smooth which helps avoid scratches and improve the polishing of polished surfaces.

Spherical Led luminaire Use Both its catalyst and its transporter
High chemical activity is possible because of the large amount of unsaturated chemical bonding and catalytic activ centers that are found on the surface. The advantages of spherical aluminum include low particle wear, long service lives, and a large specific area. It is impossible to replace the performance and characteristics of the catalyst made of spherical aluminum with other materials.

Spherical Alumina Use in 3D printing
Due to its strong strength, high spheroidization rate and resistance to high temperatures, 3D printing is a popular use of sphered-alumina. The advantages of spherical allumina powder include high solidity, high fluidity, and good stacking ability.

Spherical al2O3 powder price

Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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