Silica Gel Density G/Ml

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The density g/ml of silica gel is the weight per cubic meter of material that is absorbed by moisture. It is an important factor in determining how much of a moisture sorbent to use.

Regular density g/ml

For museums and conservation laboratories that need to keep a constant humidity level for long periods of time, silica gel can be used as a simple means of controlling the moisture in collections. This method can be very effective in preventing the growth of mold and the deterioration of items that are exposed to moisture or are in danger of being damaged by condensation.

Museums can purchase silica gel in pre-packaged packets that are designed to be placed in a container of a specific size, such as a six-litre storage box. This box can be sealed tightly to minimize air circulation, and the amount of dry silica gel needed is based on the volume of the box.

Relative humidity (RH)-indicating cards can be inserted in the silica gel-filled box, allowing staff to monitor the RH levels and determine when it is time to replace or regenerate the sorbent. This type of card is available from many museum and conservation suppliers and changes color as the humidity level rises.

Silica gel is the highest humid adsorbent in the world, adsorbing up to 40% of its weight at 100% humidity environment. It has a large number of active pores that form a vast surface area, providing a high surface energy for adsorption.