Photonic Lightfield Chip

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The photonic lightfield chip is a nano-scale photonic circuit on a silicon chip. It can generate quantum states of light in ways previously only possible with bulky laboratory equipment. These on-chip devices may represent a key breakthrough in optical computing.

Quantum verification with high-dimensional entanglement (HDE) using local projective measurements

A crucial step towards practical quantum technologies is the development of optimal strategies for detecting and verifying high-dimensional entangled states. In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate an optimal HDE verification strategy for a three-dimensional maximally entangled state using local projective measurements on a silicon photonic chip.

On-chip generation of nonclassical light with spontaneous parametric down-conversion

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion is a widely used technique to generate nonclassical light. It is a fast and efficient method to generate single and correlated pairs of entangled photons with a low energy consumption, which is essential for photonic quantum information processing.

We show that a photonic lightfield chip can efficiently excite both inverted hollow cones and various evanescent waves with tailored angular transmission. It is a highly versatile imaging device for both darkfield and total internal reflection (TIR) microscopy.

A conventional brightfield microscope (BFM) can be easily transformed to a C-DFM and C-TIRM with this imaging chip without changing the specimens or the configuration of the BFM. This is a major advance in the field of optical microscopy, which has so far been limited by its low image contrast.

This chip consists of several multilayer sections with designed photonic band gaps and a central region with dielectric nanoparticles. The design allows this planar chip to have a tunability with different wavelengths, which makes it ideal for use in a variety of imaging applications.