Phosphoric Acid

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Phosphoric acid is a chemical compound, derived from phosphorus. It is used for several purposes. The chemical is available in both liquid and solid forms.

Some of its applications include fertilizer. It is also used in the sugar and textile industries. While phosphoric acid is less hazardous than concentrated nitric acid, its fumes can be irritating.

Another name for phosphoric acid is orthophosphoric acid. This acid is a colourless, viscous liquid. When exposed to red heat, it forms a brittle glass.

Phosphoric acid can be produced from a simple solution of P2O5 in water. In the process, the molecules of the acid combine with the loss of water to form a di phosphate ester.

Phosphoric acid is an acid that is used to make phosphate salts for fertilizers. In addition to being a potent reducing agent, it is also a fungicidal. As with other acids, it is corrosive to ferrous metals.

Salts of phosphoric acid are relatively water insoluble. They are commonly used in pH buffers. However, they are not completely soluble in ammonia or sulfuric acid.

The present invention discloses a super-clean, high-purity phosphoric acid production process. Wet-cleaned phosphoric acid is then prepared by etching electronic products.

Phosphorous acid is a powerful reducing agent. It is most often applied to foliage. It is effective in controlling oomycetes, but it is not a substitute for phosphate.

Other compounds related to phosphorous acid are phosphite and fosetyl-Al. Fosetyl-Al is an aluminum salt of diethyl ester of phosphorous acid. It is sold under the trade name Aliette.

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