Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Classification and Application

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Nitinol A type of functional material known as shape memory alloy has high strength and corrosion resistance. It is also non-toxic, biocompatibility, nontoxicity, and potential medical applications. It can only be restored to its original form by increasing the temperature from 20 to 300°C in the low-temperature phase of the Nitinol memory alloy. It has a higher expansion rate than 20%, a longer fatigue life of up to 107 years, and damping characteristics that are 10 times better than normal.
Nitinol Wire classification
1. 1940: Gold bow wires, cobalt-chromium alloy wire, and round stainless steel wire.

2. Martensite stabilized alloys were first created in 1960. These alloys consisted mainly of nickel-titanium and had been formed by deformation within the martensite state. This arch wire is flexible and produces a lighter correction force.

3. In 1980, both the Chinese nickel titanium and Japanese nickel titanium allotment arch wires had austenite activated alloys. This meant that they could show austenite in any state and did not exhibit temperature-induced Martensite when used outside and inside of the mouth.

4. Martensite activated nickel–titanium alloy was discovered in 1990. It has a TTR lower than or very near to the oral cavities temperature.

5. Gradedthermodynamic (Higher thermodynamic nickel/titanium alloy): When the TTR temperature rises above the oral temperature, around 40degC the archwire of nickel-titanium is in a multicomponent state. This is why the archwire feels relatively soft when placed in the cavity.

Nitinol can be used in clinical applications
1. It’s used to align and level the patient’s dentition early. Nitinol’s shape memory and superelasticity of Nitinol Arch wires make them a common part of clinical practice.

2. Nitinol extensions springs, push springs, and Nitinol Nitinol pull springs are orthodontic springs. These super elastic springs can be used to treat orthodontic problems such as opening up gaps between teeth or pulling teeth in different ways.

3. Dr. Soma in Japan has developed the LH-arch wire. LH stands for Low Hysteresis. It is the name of the arch wire that’s ligated to the bracket. Very little is the difference between stress created when an arch wire returns slowly to its original shape after it is moved.

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