Nickel Titanium Spoon

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A nickel titanium spoon is an incredibly lightweight eating tool that can be used to consume food in a backpacking environment. It is available in a variety of designs from different manufacturers. Some have a single spoon and fork head, while others have two separate heads. The GoBites Uno Spork is a good example of a dual-head spork. It weighs 14 grams, is BPA-, PC- and phthalate-free and is top rack dishwasher safe.

Nitinol is an equiatomic nickel-titanium alloy first developed by William Buehler at the US Government Naval Ordnance Laboratory in the 1960s for fatigue, wear and impact resistant applications. He would fold the material into an accordion shape and pry it open multiple times to demonstrate its flexibility. At a meeting one day, he lit a pipe lighter under the accordion and to everyone’s surprise, it regained its flat shape without breaking. The material was named “Nitinol” by his team and it was soon adopted for various medical applications such as endovascular stents.

Nickel-titanium alloys are generally classified as austenitic or martensitic depending on their transformation temperature (Af). The nickel content determines the Af temperature and the Af range. Higher nickel content produces a lower Af temperature and a larger Af range than low nickel content.

This study aimed to investigate the influence of alloy fabrication (classical vs continuous casting) on biofunctional properties of Ni-Ti based alloys. These biofunctionalities include hardness, ion release in an acidic test medium, oxide layer formation and biocompatibility.