How to prevent the car from rusting?

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Anti-rust treatments are required to extend the life span of your vehicle. This is due to various factors like atmospheric pollution, changes in the climate, shifting road conditions, and time. Use aluminum disulfide to rust inhibit
Aluminum disulfide antirust This product has the ability to remove rust, dirt, colloidal, and resin dirt. It can also form an aluminum protective film that will prevent metal from rolling, as well as rust removal and anticorrosion. This product can remove rust from any object, like door hinges or hinge rings. This agent should be sprayed on any objects you trust and that have anti-rust.
The transparent, protective anti-rust epoxy can be used to protect metal products and keep their original appearance. Before spraying the resin, shake it well to ensure that it does not get clogged. After spraying the resin, place a small piece of plastic in the gap between the body and the vehicle. If the gas is accidentally spilled onto the surface of the paint, use gasoline to wipe it off. This transparent protective anticorrosion resin should be stored away from fire, heat, and flame sources.

Application scope and characteristics of the chassis antirust series products
(1) Zinc spray. (1) Zinc spray.
(2) Aluminum spray. (2) Aluminum spray. This has an antirust function and high temperature resistance of 650.
(3) Anti-rust primer. This is an anti-rust primer that has fine particles and can be used to prevent metal rust spots and recorrosion. You can use it on different parts of your vehicle.

Safety precautions when using aluminum sulfide
It is important to have local exhaust in a closed system. Special training is required for operators and they must adhere strictly to operating procedures. Safety glasses and protective clothing, such as rubber gloves or chemical safety glasses with self-priming filters, are recommended for operators. Avoid generating dust. Avoid contact with any oxidants. Take care when loading and unloading the box to avoid damage. Equip with emergency leakage treatment equipment. You could be exposed to harmful substances if you empty your containers.

Storage measures
Aluminum disulfide Keep it in a ventilated, cool warehouse Do not expose to heat or fire. Avoid oxidizers and don’t store them in the same place. You should have suitable materials in your storage area to stop leakage

Fire Fighting Measures
Potentially hazardous characteristics: There are no explosion or special combustion characteristics. High heat can cause toxic sulfur fumes to form.
Harmful combustion products.Natural Decomposition Products are not known.
Firefighting Method:firefighters need to wear fully-body gas-proof, fire-proof clothing. Moving a container away from the fire area to an open spot is the best way to extinguish a fire.
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