High Purity Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Powder CAS 12025-34-2, 99.99%

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Germanium Sulfide (or GeS2) is a semiconductor substance. It can dissolve easily in water and is easily soluble under hot alkali. Particle Size: -100msh
Purity: 99.99%

Germanium Sulfide powder:
Germanium Sulfide also known as Germanium Sulphide and Germanium Sulfide. Germanium disulfide’s formula is GeS2. The unstable high temperature germanium disulfide formula is GeS2.
Germanium diulfide densityis 2.99 g/m3. Germanium Sulfide – This small, white powder is made mainly of Germanium diulfide (GeS2) pieces. Germanium disulfide is a closely related metal, and many scientists are currently studying its potential as an energy storage application, like solid-state battery batteries.
The crystal of germanium diulfide has an orthogonal shape. One cell can contain 24 molecules. Their dimensions are: B = 22.34A (A = 11.66a), C = 6.86A (C = 6.86A). Accuracy 1/2% Accuracy 1/2%. There are eight germanium-atoms that lie on the double-axis. The rest of them are scattered around the general area. It has been established the 12 relevant parameters. With an atomic distance between 2.19A and each germanium-atom connected, there are four sulfur atomic Tetrahedrons. The angle between these two sulfur bonds measures 103 deg.

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High purity Germanium sulfide powder GeS2:

Nature’s white powder. Orthogonal crystal structures. Density 2.19 gr/ cm3. Melting point 800 . High-temperature, unstable sublimation or oxidation in humid air. A molten state, which is a new brown transparent body with a density of 3.01g/cm3, is insoluble and inorganic acid (including strong acids), soluble or hot alkali. It can also be dissolved in ammonia to produce imide germanium. To the sulfur sulfide, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur mixed gas. To produce intermediate germanium metalurgical products.

germanium sulfide CAS number 12025-34-2
germanium sulfuric Molecular formula GeS2
germanium sulfide Molar mass 13.6.77g/mol-1
germanium sulfide Appearance Clear, transparent crystals in white
germanium sulfide Density 2.94 g cm-3
germanium sulfide Melting point 840 degC (1,540 degF; 1,110 K)
germanium sulfur Boiling point 1,530 degC (2,790 degF; 1,800 K)
germanium Sulfide Solubility Water 0.45 g/100ml
germanium sulfide Solubility It dissolves in liquid ammonia

It is simple. Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Powder produced?
Germanium disulfide may be made by reacting hydrogen sulfide and tetrachloride with concentrated hydrochloric acids.
Germanium disulfide can be made using germanium and either hydrogen sulfide or sulfidevapor. It also contains a mix gas of sulfur.

Applicaciones Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Powder:
Solid-State Battery : Germanium Disulfide is, as with many similar compounds, very interesting to researchers and designers who create them.
Particularly, the material could be useful for cathode production in certain types of battery batteries.
As a high-performance battery made of lithium-sulfur, the vulcanized particles have great potential.
Electronics: Germanium diulfide can be used to produce components for advanced electronic technology.
Catalyst, Like most sulfides of germanium disulfide, it has the potential to create more complex compounds for high tech equipment and chemical reactions.
Optical properties
This makes the research interest in this material involve a wide range of industries and fields, from electron-to-photovoltaic to imaging techniques.

Germanium Sulfide powder GeS2 Storage:
GeS2 powder performance and usage effects can be affected by damp reunion. Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Puffer should therefore be stored in vacuum-packed bags and kept dry. The Germanium Sulfide GeS2 Poultry cannot be exposed to the air. GeS2 Powder should not be exposed to stress.

Shipping Germanium Sulfide (GeS2) Powder
There are many options for packing, which all depend on the amount of Germanium Sulfide geS2 Powder.
Germanium Sulfide geS2 Powder packaging:vacuum packing 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel and as per your request
Germanium Sulfide geS2 powder shipping: can be sent by sea or air as soon as payment receipt is received.

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Germanium Sulfide Properties

Other Titles germanium(IV) sulfide, germanium disulfide,
germanium disulphide, GeS2 powder
Compound Formula GeS2
Molecular Weight 136.77
Appearance Powder White
Melting Point 800
Boiling Point 1530
Density 2.94 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O 0.45 g/100mL
Exact Mass 137.86532

Germanium Sulfide Health & Safety Information

Signal word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
Transport Information N/A

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