Does Copper Nitrate Dissolve in Water?

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does copper nitrate dissolve in water?

The answer is yes, but not all copper nitrate solutions dissolve in water. This is because copper nitrate is a complex, and so it may take some time to dissolve in water. The solution is also hygroscopic and will start to form hydrates as it absorbs water.

Anhydrous Copper Nitrate

When copper nitrate is mixed with water it forms large green-blue crystals. This substance is an excellent oxidizing agent that can be used to colorize metals such as Copper and Zinc. It is a good fungicide and wood preservative.

Hydrated Copper Nitrate

In aqueous solution, copper nitrate will slowly hydrolyze and convert into nitric acid, as well as hydrates. The hydrates are blue-green and hygroscopic.

A hydrated form of copper nitrate is more common than anhydrous, because it’s easier to store. It can be found at many chemical suppliers as well as on Ebay. It is not a great choice for drying because it will decompose into black copper nitrate oxide and give off nitrogen dioxide fumes, which are toxic and corrosive. Moreover, it is difficult to crystallize and is useless for drying. It can be safely stored in a hermetic container and should never be heated. In addition, it is a moderate toxicity and should be kept away from eyes, skin and throat. It can also irritate the lungs and should be kept out of the reach of children. It is also a potential hazard in the workplace.