CuSO4 Boiling Point

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Boiling Point

cuso4 boiling point is the temperature at which the copper sulfate will vaporize or evaporate, and it has been determined by observing the corresponding temperatures. The boiling point of hydrated copper sulfate is about 180 C, and the boiling point of anhydrous copper sulfate is about 120C.

The Boiling Point of anhydrous copper sulfate depends on the value of the subscript x, which represents the number of water molecules that are present in the compound. The x of anhydrous copper sulfate can vary between zero and five. When it is hydrated, the compound is composed of five water molecules and a copper molecule (Cu), which is in the +2 oxidation state.

It is important to note that hydrated copper sulfate has a blue colour. This is due to the d-d transition that takes place when the compound binds to the water molecules. When the substance is dehydrated, the water molecules are removed from the molecule of copper and the compound becomes whitish. It is also worth noting that the d-d transition can be reversed, in which case the hydrated compound becomes anhydrous, regaining its blue colour.