Cristobalite in Paint

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Cristobalite is a mineral polymorph of silica that forms under high temperatures and has the same chemical composition as quartz. However, it has a different crystal structure. Its powder form is used in dentistry as a component of alginate impression materials for making models of teeth. Increasing incidences of dental disorders and rise in consumer awareness about oral hygiene are anticipated to drive the demand for dental impression material, thus offering remunerative opportunities for cristobalite market in the dentistry sector.

Due to its innate characteristics such as relatively high Mohs hardness, relative high brightness, low refractive index, easy wettability and transparency for UV-radiation, cristobalite in paint is highly preferred in the coatings industry. The growing demand for weather-resistant outside paints is expected to boost the cristobalite in paints market in the future.

The market is categorized by form, application and geography. The global cristobalite market size is estimated to grow significantly during the forecast period. Cristobalite market share is dominated by leading players such as Quarzwerke GmbH, SCR-Sibelco NV and Hoben International Limited. Other prominent players in the cristobalite market include Dinglong Quartz Limited, Goldstar Powders Pvt. Ltd and Goyal Group of Minerals among others.

This report covers a comprehensive analysis of the global cristobalite market, including a thorough discussion of the key drivers, restraints and opportunities. It also provides a detailed overview of the major geographical markets in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and South America after evaluating political, economic and social factors influencing cristobalite market growth in these regions.