Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum

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cobalt chrome molybdenum, also known as CoCrMo, is an alloy of cobalt and chromium which is widely used for various applications. It offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for medical implants and dental instruments.

This metal is highly biocompatible and is often used in the field of orthopaedics to manufacture dental and orthopedic implants. This metal is also a popular choice for wedding bands, thanks to its appealing white color and shiny shine.

The properties of this metal are mainly due to the presence of molybdenum in its composition. This material reduces the grain size of the alloy and thereby improves its mechanical properties. In addition, chromium (Cr) particles form a protective oxide layer on the surface to prevent corrosion in the body environment.

It is a very strong and hard metal which makes it an excellent choice for jewelry, especially for wedding rings. Its white color and glossy appearance make it look like white gold or platinum, but at a much lower price.

As a result, it has become an extremely popular choice for jewelry makers around the world. It can be used to produce rings, earrings and pendants that are durable and long-lasting.

Cobalt has many industrial uses, primarily in the chemical industry where it can be used to produce various compounds that are useful for making chemicals or refining petroleum. It can also be used in nuclear and aerospace engineering.

Cobalt is mined and refined in a number of countries worldwide, including South Africa, Belgium, Australia, Canada, France and Germany. It is a major raw material for the production of superalloys and magnetic materials.