Calcium Nitride Chemical Formula

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Calcium nitride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ca3N2. It has different isomorphous forms and can be used to produce reactive nitride ions.

It is a white, odorless powder with a melting point of 1,721 deg C and a boiling point of 2,450 deg C. It has many applications and is a versatile chemical reagent.

The synthesis of nitrides and SiAlON-related materials is an important application for this compound. It can be used for metathesis reactions to obtain complex nitrides and to produce SiAlON-related optical materials.

In a device 1 enabling calcium nitride synthesis to be performed, a molten zinc-calcium alloy, containing in mass proportion, one third zinc for two thirds calcium, is transferred from a first tank 19 via a feed pipe 21 into a furnace 4. The molten alloy is heated to and/or kept at a preset temperature greater than or equal to its melting temperature so as to maintain the nitriding reaction between nitrogen and the zinc-calcium alloy.

During this nitriding process, a jet of pressurized nitrogen or argon is injected into a sprayer 33 so as to form fine droplets 34 in a reactor 6. The nitriding reaction inside the reactor can be observed through a transparent observation port 35, arranged near the sprayer 33.

The synthesis of calcium nitride is accomplished in this way, thereby eliminating several costly stages in the usual calcium fabrication process. This allows the cost price of calcium nitride to be reduced and the product quality to be increased.