Calcium Acetylacetonate

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calcium acetylacetonate is the most ordinary heat stabilizer in the formulation of halogenated polymers, such as PVC. It is also widely used as a cross-linking agent, hardening accelerant for resin, rubber additive, and film former in super conductive glass, transparent conductive film, etc. It is a new, nontoxic plastic stabilizer that replaces the lead-containing additives.

It is white or off-white crystalline powder and is soluble in organic solvents and water. American Elements supplies the material in a variety of grades when applicable, including Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; and Optical Grade. It can be supplied as Nanoparticles and by thin film deposition. For handling and storage questions, please see the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.

The preparation method of the invention mainly includes three basic steps: adding excessive acetylacetone into an aqueous solution of calcium chloride to fully react with it, carrying out pumping filtration on a reaction product for a reflux reaction to obtain a calcium hydrate precipitate, and standing the calcium acetylacetonate for subsequent usage. This novel method has many advantages, such as no need for water as a solvent in the liquid phase method, quick reaction, mild conditions, high selectivity, and simple operation. It is also environmentally friendly and safe. This article is adapted from Tech Co., Ltd.’s publication “Preparation of Copper (II) Acetylacetonate Complex Doped Well-Defined Titania Luminescent Materials.” For more information about this and other chemical products, please visit our website at