Boron Nitride Powder Properties And Applications

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Boron nitride More than 100 years have passed since its invention. It was used in high-temperature lubricants as hexagonal boron nutride. Because its structure, properties and whiteness are very similar, it’s also commonly called white graphite.

Boron Nitride Powder Properties

Boron Nitride is impervious to corrosion. It is also resistant to acid and water. In hot concentrated alkali, the boron/nitrogen bond can be broken. The boron-nitrogen bond is broken in hot concentrated alkali. Boron nitride starts to oxidize at 1200degC and eventually decomposes at around 2700degC when vacuumed. Boron Nitride is insoluble in warm acid but slightly solubilized in cold water.

Many of the properties found in boron-nitride outperform those of carbon materials. The hexagonal boron-nitride has a low friction coefficient and good temperature stability. It also offers high resistance to thermal shock, high strength, high resistance to corrosion, low expansion coefficients, and resistance to microwave radiation.

Boron Nitride is a hexagonal crystal, with graphite as the most prevalent. There are many other crystal forms, such as rhombohedral, Cubic, and wurtzite types of boron nuitride (wBN).

Boron nitrate powder applications

Cubic-boron nitride is extremely resistant to heat and wear. This material can be used to cut steels that are heat resistant, ferroalloys or hardened. At a high temperature it can be used to cut hardened steel, ferroalloys and si-al alloys. These are extremely dangerous and could cause tool wear.

Cubic-boron is a semiconductor material that has a broad band gap (band of 6.4eV), and it has high thermal conductivity. High resistivity. Can achieve dual-type doping. The common property of all three is their wide band gap. It is ideal for producing electronic devices under severe conditions.

Cubic-boron and diamond, in comparison to SiC and GaN have better properties such as a larger band gap, greater mobility, higher breakdown electrical field, higher dielectric constant, and higher thermal conductivity. C-BN and diamond, as extreme electronics material are superior.

Because of the film’s high hardness, and its transmittance across the entire wavelength spectrum (approximately between 200 nm and far infrared), it can be used for optical purposes, particularly as a Coating for window materials, such as Zinc selenide (ZnSe), and Zinc sulfide.

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