Application and development history of Nano gold solution

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The Nano-gold Solution Made from high-purity raw materials, it is also made with gold. A new process transforms gold into particles smaller than 15nm. This significantly improves gold’s inherent qualities, like its catalytic effects, free radical removal effect, and dispersion effect. Physical index
Indicator name: AuS-WM1000
Appearance: purple liquid
Solid content: More than 1000ppm
PH: 7.0+-0.5
Particle Size: >=15nm
Density: 1.01g/ml
99.99% purity of gold
The preparation method
Prepare a HAuCl4*4H2O mixture with a concentrated concentration of 2.44×10-3mol/L. Prepare a Na3C6H5O7*2H2O solutions with concentrations of 3.43×10-2mol/L. Use a PVP solution containing 0.391 mole/L NaBH4 solution. In a beaker, add 10 mL the chloroauric solution, 10mL, or any protective agent solution, as well as 80 mL Tri-distilled water. Set the beaker onto a magnetic stirring device with constant temperature at 600 RPM. Heat the mixture for about 9 minutes. Stop heating. Continue stirring for five minutes. Cool the liquid to room temperature. Nano gold solution .

Efficient catalysis;
No radical effect
Antibacterial effects
Strong antioxidant ability
Promote metabolism
Friction Resistance
Anti-corrosion performance;
You will not become allergic to any type of skin.
For food, glass, and organism coloring.
It is also used in genetic identification technology.
It is used for refining environmental purification product.
Protective for cosmetics and food.
This ingredient can also be used in cosmetics to provide whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging benefits.
Antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs are produced.
You can produce all types of everyday necessities like food and drinks. They are intimately related to our daily lives. Nano-gold soaps, toothbrushes and various facial masks.
The Development of History
Paracelsus is the founder of European modern chemistry. A great physician and chemist, he prepared “drinking golden” to help with mental disorders. Nano gold solution the science stage. Faraday in 1857 was studying Dalton’s theories. Faraday used gold chloride for the reduction of a solution containing nanoparticles of gold. The addition of gelatin, and other macromolecular chemicals can stop this from happening. Although it wasn’t known why, the scientist who discovered Nano-gold laid the foundation for its application. Nano-gold solutions were used frequently in alcoholism treatment in the United States in 1885. Dr. Koch also discovered Mycobacterium tuberculosis couldn’t survive on the gold surface in 1890. Nanogold was later used for arthritis in 1890 by Edward A Nano-gold solution is able to effectively reduce pain in patients and improve the health of the entire body. Kausche, Ruska and others used an electron microscope in 1939 to study the nicotine mosaic virus, which contained fine gold particles. Faulk and Taylor pioneered the use of immunogold staining to blend rabbit anti-Salmonella and Nanogold particles. In 1971 they also first applied immunogold staining to observe Salmonella surface antigens.

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