Aluminum Hypoiodite

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aluminum hypoiodite is a chemical compound that forms when aluminum reacts with iodine. It is a white or yellow compound that dissolves in water and alcohol. It is also soluble in ether, carbon sulfide, and pyridine (a colorless liquid from coal tar). It is a Lewis acid and accepts an electron pair. It is often used to break chemical bonds such as those between carbon and oxygen or nitrogen and oxygen. It also removes the oxygen atom from epoxides to form a cyclic ether.

This compound is sometimes used in veterinary medicine to kill germs and protect pigs from pneumonia. It is also used to sterilize rooms and enclosures in horse and cattle barns. Contact with this compound can cause burns to the skin, eyes, and mouth. It is also poisonous to a variety of plants and animals. When ingested by humans, it may cause respiratory problems, stomach pain, and diarrhea.