Advantages of Nanoparticle Aluminum

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nanoparticle aluminum has unique optical, chemical, and physical properties that make it an attractive candidate for a variety of applications, from nanophotonics and catalysis to the fabrication of high energy composites. At nanoComposix, we have the ability to fabricate a wide range of nanoparticle aluminum configurations and optimize their plasmonic properties to match your specific needs.

Chemical applications:

Our aluminum nanopowders are a popular choice for producing controlled reaction rates that allow the manufacture of chemicals, alcohols, deodorants, antiperspirants, and many other products. They are also commonly used as metallic pigments in coatings, paints, and textiles to add a silver sheen.

Enhanced durability:

In addition to its chemical capabilities, aluminum nanopowders provide exceptional durability when compared to other conventional Al-based materials, including stainless steel SS304. When laser-processed, our AMNCs exhibit a yield strength that is greater than 800 MPa with a plasticity that is significantly higher than SS304.

Exceptional high-temperature stability:

At 400 degC, our AMNCs exhibit a yield stress that is significantly higher than stainless steel SS304. They are also much more resistant to high temperature degradation than other aluminum-based materials, demonstrating the potential of our laser-processed AMNCs for high-temperature applications.

Biological safety:

Our results demonstrated that the smallest (50 nm) nanoparticles were not toxic to HEK cells exposed at various concentrations. The viability of the cells did not decrease with MTT, CellTiter 96 AQ, and alamar Blue assays. TEM imaged the Al NP in the HEK cells and depicted that they were localized within the cytoplasmic vacuoles of the cells.