Zinc Shot

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zinc shot is a soft metallic blasting media for deburring, deflashing and general surface finishing of light metal castings and other nonferrous products. It has a bulk density comparable to steel and can remove burrs without damaging product surfaces.

Zinc is a common metal used in manufacturing processes such as die casting. It is available in various forms including rod, ingot & powder. It also comes in different shapes such as disc, pieces, granules and wire.

It is a good choice for alloying applications. It has a high melting point, which allows for faster production times.

There are many reasons why zinc is used for manufacturing, but one of the main ones is to protect and increase the strength of a cast part. The metal is a corrosion-resistant metal and helps prevent parts from rusting in harsh conditions.

A thin coating of zinc is deposited on the surface of the casting that will provide temporary galvanic protection. This method of corrosion prevention is a common process used in iron castings.

In addition, zinc is a natural antimicrobial and can help boost the immune system. It can be found in a variety of foods, fortified beverages, and supplements.

The body naturally gets its zinc requirements through a healthy diet. However, those who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet are at a higher risk for zinc deficiency because of the limited amount of bioavailable zinc in plant-based foods. A daily intake of zinc can help fight off colds and flu and help boost the immune system.