Where to Buy Francium

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Francium is a rare element. It occurs naturally in uranium ores as a result of actinium decay and can also be prepared artificially in laboratories by bombarding the neutron of radium in a nuclear reactor or by bombarding thorium with protons.

It belongs to group 1A and period 7 of the periodic table. It is a heavy metal having 87 electrons revolving around in its nucleus.

Unlike other elements, francium doesn’t conform to expectations about its reactivity. It has the lowest electronegativity of any element on the periodic table and is thus extremely unstable.

Its isotopes all have short half-lives, making it one of the most radioactive elements on Earth.

Because it is so unstable, francium is rarely seen in bulk form; its atoms would vaporize instantly due to the extreme heat of decay associated with its short half-life.

As a result, it is almost impossible to obtain a sample of this element. It is not known how much francium is present in the world, but it’s estimated to be less than 30 grams.

where to buy francium

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