What is Zinc Sulfide?

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How do you define it? Zinc Sulfide ? Zin sulfide can be described as an inorganic compound having a chemical composition of ZnS. This is a light-colored, whiteish powder which becomes darker with exposure to the sun. Zin sulfide is stable in dry conditions, but will slowly change to zinc sulfate if it’s placed in humid environments for too long or contains moisture.
Zinc Sulfide: The key features
1. Physical Properties
Powder that is white to slightly yellow. The powder can be made crystals by heating it with H2S. A variant of the a crystal is a colorless hexagonal crystal having a density 3.99g/cm3 with a melting point at 1705°C. It can also exist in sphalerite. Solvable in water; insoluble when acid is used. You can see the sun changing color.
2. Chemical Properties
If it’s left in moist air for too long, it will turn into zinc sulfate. This is usually a result of the reaction between hydrogen sulfide (Zinc salt solution) and water. When the crystal ZnS is illuminated with a tiny amount of Cu and Mn or Ag, it can produce different fluorescence colors. To prepare phosphors.
Zinc Sulfide Properties
Other Titles ZnS powder, zinc sulphide, zinc sulfide phosphor
Compound Formula ZnS
Molecular Weight 97.45
Appearance Powders in white to off-white
Melting Point 1830 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.1 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Poissons’s Ratio 0.28
Specific Heat 520 J/kg-K
Thermo Conductivity 27 W/m-K
Thermal Expansion 6.5 um/m-K
Young’s Module 75 GPa
ZnS Zinc Sulfide CAS 1314-893
Zinc Sulfide: What are the applications?
1. Zinc sulfuride (ZnS), which is used to make infrared windows, fairings, and optical components in the infrared spectrum, is widely utilized. This metal is highly pure, insoluble in water and has a moderate density. It can also be processed easily. Zinc sulfuride (ZnS), which has high refractive index uniformity, consistency, and excellent image transmission performance, is available in 8-12mm bands. Some absorb 10um after that. Mid-infrared bands have a higher transmittance and more scattering and absorption. Zinc sulfuride (ZnSe) is strong in harsh environments. This metal has high hardness, twice as much breaking strength and is nearly twice as durable.
2. For the thermal imaging system of the infrared window or thermal band, we need tough front optics. ZnS (single crystal zinc sulfide) is not widely available. Scattering levels are very low in common spectral bands. The material’s bulk absorption is controlled and any internal structural defects are corrected. It can also be used as high-power laser devices by using chemicalbook polishing technology to minimize damage. Zinc sulfuride (ZnS), which oxidizes strongly at 300°C and shows significant plastic deformation around 500°C at dissociation at approximately 700°C, is also susceptible to rusting. In normal atmospheric conditions, it is not safe to use zinc sulfide window above 250 degC.
3. Optical Coating Targets. X-ray screen. The watch’s luminous dial can be enhanced by adding traces or neothorium sodium. TV screen. paint pigments.
This product is toxic. poisonous. It can cause irritation to the skin. Work clothes and protective gear should be worn by all operators. Good ventilation is essential in the workshop.
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