The Property And Application of Boron Carbide Powder

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Boron carbide Also known as black diamond or organic matter, boron carbide is an organic compound with a molecular structure of B4C. It is usually gray-black micropowder. Boron carbide is among the three most hard substances known.

Property of Boron Carbide

Boron carbide doesn’t react with acids and alkali solution. This is the stablest acidic substance and it is stable in any concentrated, dilute or alkali-aqueous solution. Boron carbonide can be kept at a temperature of 800°C for a long time in an atmosphere.
While boron carbide has a lower hardness than the industrial diamond, it is more durable than silicon carbide. Boron carbide, when compared to most pottery is much less fragile. Boron carbide exhibits strong chemical resistance. It dissolves in molten alkali, but is not soluble in acid or water.

Boron Carbide

Control nuclear fission
Boron carbide absorbs a lot of neutrons but does not produce radioactive isotopes. This makes it an ideal neutron absorber for nuclear power stations. Also, the neutron absorber is responsible for controlling the rate at which nuclear fission takes place. Although it’s mainly used as a controllable rod for the nuclear reactor, the surface area of Boron Carbide can sometimes be increased to make it a powder.

Russia dropped almost 2,000 tons of Boron carbide and Sand during 1986’s Chernobyl nuclear incident, which ultimately stopped the chain reaction.

Abrasive material
For a long period, boron carbide was used as an abrasive medium. Due to its high melting points, it’s not possible for it to be used in artificial products. But, the powder can still be melted at high temperature and processed into simpler shapes. This is useful for polishing and drilling hard materials, such as gemstones and cemented caride.

Coating paint
Boron carbide can be used to coat warships or helicopters with ceramics. Boron carbide is very light and can resist armor-piercing bullets. It forms an integral defense coating.

This can be used in making gun nozzles within the munition industry. Boron carbide has an extremely high wear resistance and hardness.

Due to its wear resistance and hardness, the new boron caride sandblasting device will replace existing sandblasting devices such as cemented carbide/tungsten or silicon carbide, silica nitride, and zirconia.

Boron carbide may also be used for the production of metal borides.

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