Tantalum disilicide Uses

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Tantalum Silicide The chemical formula for Tantalum disilicide (TaSi2) is. You will find it has great properties like a low melting point, high resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. It is also compatible with carbon, silicon, and other matrix material.

Tantalum disilicide Uses
Tantalum disilicide can be used for high temperature structural elements and gate materials. It is also used to connect circuits in integrated circuits.

Metal silicide
Tantalum silicide is a type of reactive metal silicide.
The hard compound that is formed from transition metal and silica. It cannot form interstitial metal compounds due to its large radius. Therefore, these hard compounds exhibit a stable chemical composition as well as good oxidation resistance.
Similar electrical conductivity to metal silicide, good oxidation resistance, and compatibility with integrated circuit manufacturing process, silicon silicide, is available. You can use transition metal silicide for internal wiring and resistance contact.

Tintalum silicide Product
There are two methods to prepare tantalum silicide: combustion synthesis (CS) and self propagating high-temperature synthesis(SHS).

Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis , also known as combustion synthesis , is a process for the formation of intermetallic compound by exothermic reaction. The advantages include a simple process, reduced energy use and a quick synthesis. However, it has some drawbacks such as a fast reaction time and difficult process control.
To ignite the reaction and realize the synthesis, the tantalum silicide combustion must be preheated.

The Arc Melting process can take a while to homogenize. Additionally, the volatilization of the melting process could cause some phases of impurity formation. Plasma spraying technology can reach speeds up to 300-400 m/s and has a jet temperature of up to 10000. This allows for high-temperature melting and fast solidification. The plasma spraying process transforms Tantalum silicide from powder into bulk material. It requires high purity tantalum siliicide powder. The key is how to make high-purity tantalum silicide dust (without impurity formation).

Silicide for Tantalum
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Tintalum silicide Provider
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