Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous

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sodium metasilicate anhydrous is a white, free-flowing, granular powder used in many cleaners, detergents and soap formulations. It is an effective coagulant in water treatment, dye fixative, binder, cement binding agent, corrosion inhibitor and penetrating sealant.

Molecular Weight: 5000 grams/L (approx.)

Typical Formula: N/A*
Product Code: SMOMMOSS*
Safety Data Sheet: Please click here to download the MSDS.
Optimal storage: Store in clean, dry and ventilated conditions away from moisture. The container should be properly labeled.
The most effective way to avoid damage is to keep the contents away from children and pets. Ideally, use an unreactive glass container and handle it with care as the chemical may be corrosive to skin, eyes or respiratory tract.

Other Names: SMOMS*, SMS* & SMMR+

Color: White to yellowish-white; can be brown or orange depending on iron content. Solubility: 80% in water and 10% in ethanol; solubilization of iron is dependent on the degree of oxidation.

Best Used: Various applications. Cement forming, cement sealing, concrete and shotcrete are examples. Oil well cements use a high proportion of sodium metasilicate anhydrous in order to prevent separation of solids from the matrix.

sodium metasilicate anhydrous also has some other interesting properties, including being the first ingredient in a zeolite catalyst, being a good sizing agent in pulp and paper products and being an anti-corrosion material for automobiles. It is also a very useful surfactant, emulsifier and wetting agent, as well as a dispersing and anti-corrosive agent in boiler water.